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Be the one

whose success is the talk of the town.

Create an identity and digital media presence that speaks to your customers and grows your business with help from Four Cats Creative.





Workdays should end at a reasonable hour.

Does wearing too many hats and long to-do lists have you working overtime? You deserve more time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Four Cats Creative can help you can check off those marketing, advertising, and communication to-dos.


Lighten your workload and get your message out with a professional storyteller on your team.

Blue Skies

Do What You Do Best

Give your customers your undivided attention so they feel valued.

Have Time to Dream

Focus on the big picture instead of being bogged down with the details. 

Enjoy Life

Leave work at work, so you can achieve balance in your life.

We don't just care about your project.

We care about your whole story.

Over 35 years of storytelling experience for business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and non-profit organizations 

Ideas. Words. Images. Details.

Comprehensive project management

Responsive customer service and responsible resource stewardship  

Building Connections 

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Add logos for clients here:

Regional Transit Service, Elmira Savings Bank, Kavod Psychotherapy, Women and the Vote NYS, St. Ann's Community, Hybridge?

"Before Lorraine created a new website and ads for our practice, we averaged 10 new inquires a month. Three years later, we average 38 inquiries a month. Now we're paring back our advertising because we have more clients than we can handle!"

—Andrew Meadows

Kavod Psychotherapy

"Lorraine has been a tremendous asset for our team. She is a true pro, with the experience and knowledge that allow her to jump into any project with confidence. Plus, she has a keen sense for asking just the right questions that help her get to the heart of the matter and develop copy that works. All of that on top of being a pleasure to work with due to her flexibility and willingness to do what it takes to get it right for the client!"

—Larry Kleehammer

Kleehammer Communications

"Lorraine really listened and understood the look and feel I wanted to convey through my website. The message is clear and the design intuitive so prospective clients feel comfortable inquiring about my services."

—Merry Coburn, PhD

Chrysalis Body|Mind

1. Listen

Explore how we can work together to move your business forward. 

2. Create

Select the creative ideas and media mix needed to get the job done.

3. Grow

Adapt your messaging as your goals change and your business grows. 

Don't stress out over your

to-do list. Focus on what 

you love to do instead.

With so many media tools available to promote products and services, many business owners feel overwhelmed trying to keep up. With Four Cats Creative on your team, you'll have a professional to help you tell your story in all the right places, without taking time away from your main responsibilities.


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Download Our Free PDF and Begin the Next Chapter of Your Story.

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